New East Haven Trampoline Park Opens, Softly, Friday On Foxon Road | East Haven, CT Patch

2022-07-30 15:26:09 By : Mr. Weixin Ye

EAST HAVEN, CT — Called a "soft opening," Adrenaline Rush Trampoline Park at 709 Foxon Road opens its doors Friday. Located on the site of the former Rockin' Jump venue, the recreation center will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

"We are a rising trampoline and recreational park for the people of East Haven and beyond," the staff of Adrenaline Rush Trampoline Park wrote on Facebook. "Our dream is to help get the community active in a way that is fun for all ages."

What do you do at a trampoline park? Jump. The venue will offer timed jumping options as well as hosting parties. Parties will likely be a big draw, and Adrenaline Rush will be taking reservations for those now for after Aug. 8.

At Adrenaline Rush, jumpers can do Trampoline Dodgeball and/or Basketball, try a Ninja Course, or how about a Jousting pit?

Bounce, throw, and dodge. Two teams, with up to 6 people on each team, face off in this exciting take on the classic game. An activity that offers fun for all ages.

Live out your dreams of jumping across rooftops, scaling tall buildings, and proving your strength in our thrill-seeking ninja course. Test yourself to reach the end, keep improving your speed, and prove your potential as a ninja warrior.

Ever wanted to dunk like a pro? Here's your chance! Show off your moves in a way you can only do at Adrenaline Rush. Not to mention: we offer two courts. So bring a friend and you can go head-to-head to show off all you've learned.

Battle against friends and family to keep your spot as King, Queen, or Monarch of the Balance Beam. To keep your royal position, you must stay on your feet and fight! Do you have what it takes to be victorious, or will you fall into the dreaded foam pit?

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