High-altitude trampoline park accelerates growth and surpasses competitors

2021-11-24 03:17:36 By : Ms. Bella Liu

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Endless Jumps membership program pushes fast-growing active entertainment franchise to new heights

Atlanta, November 2, 2021/PRNewswire/-Although some traditional indoor entertainment venues are struggling during the pandemic, a brand has indeed seen a strong rebound in new franchise growth. Since the beginning of 2021, Altitude Trampoline Parks has reported that it has opened multiple new stores nationwide—both existing franchisees hoping to expand to other locations, and strong interest from new franchise candidates. Known as a place where the entire industry can play every day and every month, the annual and monthly memberships of parks across the country have experienced double-digit growth. Altitude is a truly active family entertainment home, offering guests $10 a month Endless Jumps, making membership a cornerstone of the new franchise location. By the end of this year, it is expected that there will be more than 80 high-altitude trampoline parks in 30 US states, in addition to four (4) international locations in Argentina, Mexico, Panama, and Spain. Since the beginning of 2020, it has added more than a dozen new ones, and its growth rate has even exceeded that of similar trampoline park brands.

As families continue to normalize indoors, corporate groups are looking for unique ways to get together in a safe, open environment. Pillars such as birthday parties and full park reservations continue to rise steadily, but Altitude’s membership program leads this The trend will increase in 2021. Due to the close cooperation with franchise partners to follow the certified cleaning program to create a safe and clean environment, families choose to invest in members because they can come back again and again to enjoy family-friendly fun at a great price.

"We have been working hard to take our active entertainment products to new heights," said Robert Morris, Altitude's director of operations. "People can go to many places and simply jump. Only Altitude provides diverse entertainment and fun for people of all ages, inspiring repeated visits. It is this market advantage that makes owning a high trampoline park an attractive business Chance."

From 2020 to 2021, the Altitude Trampoline Park has been officially opened in the following areas:

In addition to more than 30,000 square feet of climate-controlled, well-ventilated activity space, Altitude Trampoline Parks also includes multiple active attractions, such as trampoline enhanced basketball, zip line, trapeze swing, augmented reality interactive games, laser maze, mini Golf etc. Other attractions of the brand include multi-level playgrounds with slides, twisting walls and stunt airbags, soft play areas for young guests, and multiple courts. All locations also offer party and event options. Food and beverage offerings vary from location to location, but are rapidly expanding, so guests can enjoy customized milkshakes and smoothies, main dishes such as hot dogs and pizzas, hot appetizers, snacks such as fritters and pretzels, fountain drinks, juices, and A variety of ready-to-eat drinks go to French fries, candies and biscuits.

"The entire Altitude brand is designed around at least one hour or 90 minutes of high-energy enjoyment... but for us, it's just part of the experience," Morris added. "Altitude Parks aims to bring fun to everyone there-whether jumping or not-teenagers, kids, and parents-throughout their visit. That's why we customized our experience to serve a wide audience. This is Why our franchise is seeing great success and growth."

About Altitude Trampoline Park Altitude Trampoline Park is the premier indoor adventure trampoline park destination, offering exciting activities, games, shows and activities for all ages. Altitude also offers a variety of package options for birthday parties and other special occasions.

All locations follow a certified cleaning plan and audit to ensure that the facilities are clean and safe for guests.

For more information, including location, please visit www.altitudetrampolinepark.com. For more information on becoming a franchisee, please visit https://altitudefranchise.com.

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