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2021-11-24 03:18:03 By : Mr. Peter Nie

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Sky Zone Trampoline Park officially reopened at its new 28,000 square foot location at 615 St. George Blvd. October 29-Traffic has been stable since then. With the sound of children jumping and climbing in the background, the owner and manager Kathy Guitard said that moving to the new home in Sky Zone is very busy, but it is worth a try. In the newly renovated party area, a series of temporary check-in and birthday parties have filled the Sky Zone’s calendar.

"When the pandemic hits, we are a numbers game, and we have a lot of traffic coming from here-we are also a travel company-so when people can't move around, it will definitely affect our numbers," Gittard Say.

"We are very happy to open, and everyone is very happy to be back."

The new location of Sky Zone-its only franchise in Atlantic Canada-can accommodate 200 people on the court at the same time, much more than the previous location at 40 Champlain Street.

Gittard said she and her 35 employees will temporarily allow fewer people to enter until the pandemic restrictions can be safely lifted.

Guitard said that once the pandemic pressure is reduced, Sky Zone will implement further expansion plans. These plans include new climbing walls, ziplines and large slides.

"We have a lot of room to expand," she pointed out.

Prior to its reopening, Sky Zone was forced by the Covid-19 pandemic and the high rents in the Dieppe retail corridor near the Champlain Square shopping mall to close its equipment and pack it in 27 storage containers for 20 months .

"We put everything in the warehouse, found a new location, and thought the timing was right, on the back of the pandemic, all the vaccines, etc. We arrived," Gittard said.

“We had to shut down to protect the company. Due to the nature of our business, trying to survive the pandemic in our location did not make any economic sense, so we did responsible things and cleaned up the park,” she added.

Since December 2016, the Sky Zone has been opened in Moncton. From toddlers to 93-year-old grandmothers have seen trampoline jumping. Gittard pointed out that the park has just launched its membership package.

In addition to trampolines, the trampoline park also has various features, including obstacle courses inspired by American ninja fighters, foam pits, arenas, arenas and dodging fields. There is also a restaurant, and once permission is granted, there is also a bar for parents to have a drink while their children are playing.

"A lot of people are very happy to come out and play," Gittard said. "We are very grateful and excited to get everyone back."

Sky Zone is headquartered in Los Angeles and is owned by CircusTrix. CircusTrix is ​​the world's largest trampoline and active entertainment developer, operator and franchisee, with 300 trampoline parks worldwide.

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