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First look at the CoComelon-themed ball pit of Jakks Pacific, which will be launched next year. | Source: Jakks Pacific/Toy Book

JJ, YoYo, TomTom and the entire CoComelon team will appear on new products next year.

According to the agreement announced with Moonbug Entertainment earlier this year to become CoComelon's North American seasonal toy partner, Jakks Pacific is currently developing themed furniture, ball pits, trampolines and dance mats, which will be released next spring.

The CoComelon furniture collection will include an activity table with two padded activity chairs and a 2×2 foot washable vinyl surface with CoComelon characters; a luminous interactive step stool for children When standing on it, it will glow and play CoComelon music; and a portable booster seat with a tray. Piano Dance Mat will provide children with three different ways of playing: they can create their own music and dance on the piano, play CoComelon music, or play memory dance games using phrases from their favorite characters.

Jakks also created a complete ball pit and trampoline series, which will include CoComelon's characters and graphics. There will be two Playland versions: 15-ball, with an inflatable crawl design, and 20-ball, which includes an interactive side panel in the crawl design. In addition, Super Sounds Playland includes an electronic panel for playing music, and the Weee-Do 2-in-1 ball pit is equipped with a trampoline, and CoComelon songs will be played when children bounce on it. There is also a ball with 50 bouncy balls. pit.

Nicholas Masi, vice president of marketing for Jakks Pacific, said: "CoComelon has always been an interesting license, providing unlimited opportunities for design applications." "We have developed some amazing innovative seasonal new products for this series. Jakks looks forward to Bring these toys to the aisle and online in the spring of 2022."

CoComelon is the number one brand with the most views on YouTube, with 3.5 billion views per month. This 3D animation series features JJ and his family, teaching children how to perform daily activities and shape positive behaviors.

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